Modern Dog Doors: How They Know That It’s Your Dog Coming In

Dog doors are designed to provide more convenience for your pet and for you as a pet owner – by giving more freedom and accessibility to your pet dog in terms of getting in our out of your house. Given its ease of use, you do not need to spend much time watching out for your dog if it wants to go out or come inside the house.

But this device has its downside as well. Since it was very easy for dogs to get in and out of the dog doors, there is a strong tendency that some other animals, especially the stray ones, might come inside your house without you knowing it. So how are you able to solve this problem? That is one issue that can be resolved by modern dog doors – ones that are operated electronically.

These Doors Know Your Dogs

Electronic dog doors are programmed with a variety of different opening/closing methods. These include radio frequency identification, which is compatible with certain collar keys. Whether the door is activated by your pet’s embedded collar key, these both act as keys that will control the door.

Simply attach the said key to your dog’s collar. This will open the door whenever your dog is near. The pet will push through the flap as usual and go to the other side. But if some stray animal tries to enter your house through the dog door, it won’t push through the flap, as it stays locked, thus freeing you of any worry of intrusion or a need of cover.

No Need to Worry Now

There is no need to worry about your security or your pet’s safety. There are electronic dog doors available that suits your preference. You can even check reviews of these to make sure as well.