How To Know If The Gun You’re Looking At Is Stolen

So you’re thinking of buying this used gun at a gun shop but you’re afraid that it’s stolen. What are indicators that the gun you’re eyeing has been taken from another owner? There are several red flags to this, chief among them you buying guns from a dealer that has no license. You should also get a brand-new gun to decrease the possibility of you using stolen goods. Is the gun you’re thinking of buying a stolen gun? Read on to find out what’s the deal here You shouldn’t dare buy a stolen firearm no matter how cheap the offer is to you because it poses a serious legal headache to you when push comes to shove.

Checking If a Gun Is Stolen or Not 101

  • The Hot Gunz Webpage: There are websites such as that allows you to search gun serial numbers. If it’s been reported as stolen the site will know and thusly shall inform you immediately of the fact as soon as you post the serial number of the gun. The registered gun should be reported as stolen in the first place in order for to tell you whether it’s a brand new gun or an illegally obtained one.
  • Manufacturer Website: isn’t perfect because the victim of the gun theft should input on the site itself whether his gun was stolen or not. If they don’t know or haven’t inputted their gun info then the website won’t know the deal. You can however check the website of the maker of the firearm for more info. Such sites have a search function that enables you to search serial numbers and who it’s registered to.

Check with the Police: A surefire way to make sure that the gun you’ve recently bought is on the up and up or not is by checking with the police. Checking with local law enforcement is the responsible thing to do since they have access with more databases and tools when it comes to whether a given gun is stolen or not. bases its info on reports by cops and reports by users. They allow you to make a more thorough gun history check.