What’s The Best Hand Saw For Precision Work?

There are a lot of hand saws that varies depending on the niche and its cutting styles. Some saws are general purpose tools while some are for specific applications and different surfaces. With the different varieties, you need to specific on how you are going to use it to determine the cutting style and the precision of the saw. It will not do its purpose if the hand saw is different to your intended purpose. For example, you cannot simply use a traditional hand saw if your intention is a consistent, fine cut. Moreover, you cannot use a traditional hand saw if you are cutting pipes and concrete surface.

Hand Saw For Everyday Use

Generally, traditional hand saw is the handiest, all – rounder, everyday hand saw with its cutting precision, grip and durability. And notably, among the different hand saw today, household brands such as Stanley and Irwin hand saws are two of the best hand saw brands as of this writing. Mainly because these two are using different technologies for their brands.

Each caters different levels of precision, different cutting effects, different ergonomic grips depending on the hand saw, different specifications and of course, they have different price range.

In order to maintain its best quality, it is important that you have to take care of your tool. Taking care of your hand saw will make it durable for longer periods of time while maintaining its sharpness.

How To Take Care Of Your Hand Saw

  • Step One – Store in a moisture-free environment.
  • Step Two – Lubrication of the hand saw blade.
  • Step Three – Oiling of the handle.
  • Step Four – Remove any rust formation using sand paper.
  • Step Five – Remove the blade rust using razor.
  • Step Six – Regularly check the sharpness of the blade.