How Do People Get Eliminated In Bigg Boss Tamil?

When it comes to finding out which are the most successful shows that are now made known in India’s entertainment industry, Bigg Boss Tamil should belong to the top list. With its outstanding and amazing feedback from its fans, it is no wonder why they are now in its third season. This is quite the good news for Bigg Boss Tamil as it is a good sign that Tamil television industry will continue to grow and prosper in the coming of years.

Given the fame that Bigg Boss Tamil has earned, a lot of fans and viewers are now more hooked throughout the development of the entire season. This has led most to wonder how the entire elimination process is being done and observed. Well, you can have a look-see here.

Knowing the entire eviction process:
To know the eviction process, you’ll have to understand the mechanics involved in this reality game show. In every season, there will be several contestants who will be introduced by the host. This is done on day 1. Later on, to make the plot more interesting, there will also be wildcard entries who will also be introduced in the show. These new participants or celebrities will be introduced quite later on in the show.

For the elimination process, the Bigg Boss Tamil vote is considered to primordial element to make the process possible. This means that the contestants will get to nominate other contestants who they think should be eliminated. On the other hand, the viewers may also participate in the elimination process by voting those who they think should be saved from the elimination. The viewers can do this by an online voting or by miss calling a particular number designated for a particular contestant.

Unfortunately, the top contestants who garnered the most votes for elimination will join in the elimination process. Whoever loses will ultimately be evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil.